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Thank the General Assembly for Passing Death Penalty Commission

StatehouseOn March 24, legislation establishing the Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment, passed both the House of Delegates 91-47 and the Senate 32-15. The two bills will now go to conference committee to resolve slight differences in language between them.

Legislative leaders supported the bill, including Senate President Miller and House Speaker Michael Busch. This Commission is the first of it's kind in Maryland, a broadly representative and diverse body charged to make recommendations regarding the future of the death penalty in Maryland.

Let's show the public mandate matches the legislative mandate for this Commission. Saying thank you is so important! Each legislator who voted for the bill needs to be thanked.


Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller
State House, H-107
Annapolis, MD 21401 - 1991
1-800-492-7122, ext. 3700 (toll free in Maryland ) or 301-848-3700


Your own Senator and Delegates if they are listed below as having voted for the bill.

90 State Circle
Annapolis, MD 21401
General Assembly switchboard: 800-492-7122
Find out who represent you at or call MD CASE at 301-779-5230.

Please say:

“Thanks for voting for the Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment. The death penalty is an important issue to me. I am part of the growing consensus among Marylanders for repealing the death penalty.”

Senators voting for Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment:

Astle, John C. (D), District 30
Conway, Joan Carter (D), District 43
Currie, Ulysses (D), District 25
DeGrange, James E., Sr. (D), District 32
Exum, Nathaniel (D), District 24
Forehand, Jennie M. (D), District 17
Frosh, Brian E. (D), District 16
Garagiola, Robert J. (D), District 15
Gladden, Lisa A. (D), District 41
Harrington, David C. (D), District 47
Jones, Verna L. (D), District 44
Kasemeyer, Edward J. (D), District 12
Kelley, Delores G. (D), District 10
King, Nancy J. (D), District 39
Kittleman, Allan H. (R), District 9
Klausmeier, Katherine A. (D), District 8
Kramer, Rona E. (D), District 14
Madaleno, Richard S., Jr. (D), District 18
McFadden, Nathaniel J. (D), District 45
Middleton, Thomas M. (D), District 28
Miller, Thomas V. Mike Miller (D), District 27 - President
Mooney, Alex X. (R), District 3
Muse, C. Anthony (D), District 26
Peters, Douglas J. J. (D), District 23
Pinsky, Paul G. (D), District 22
Pugh, Catherine E. (D), District 40
Raskin, Jamin B. (Jamie) (D), District 20 - Primary sponsor!
Robey, James N. (D), District 13
Rosapepe, James C. (D), District 21
Simonaire, Bryan W. (R), District 31
Stone, Norman R., Jr. (D), District 6
Zirkin, Robert A. (Bobby). (D), District 11

Delegates voting for Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment:

Ali, Saqib (D), District 39
Anderson, Curtis S. (Curt) (D), District 43
Aumann, Susan L. M. (R), District 42
Barnes, Benjamin S. (D), District 21
Barve, Kumar P. (D), District 17
Benson, Joanne C. (D), District 24
Bobo, Elizabeth (D), District 12B
Bohanan, John L., Jr. (D), District 29B
Branch, Talmadge (D), District 45
Braveboy, Aisha N. (D), District 25
Bronrott, William A. (D), District 16
Burns, Emmett C., Jr. (D), District 10
Busch, Michael E. (D), District 30 - Speaker
Cardin, Jon S. (D), District 11
Carr, Alfred C., Jr. (D), District 18
Carter, Jill P. (D), District 41
Clagett, Galen R. (D), District 3A
Clagett, Virginia P. (D), District 30
Conaway, Frank M., Jr. (D), District 40
Conway, Norman H. (D), District 38B
Davis, Dereck E. (D), District 25
Donoghue, John P. (D), District 2C
Doory, Ann Marie (D), District 43
Dumais, Kathleen M. (D), District 15
Feldman, Brian J. (D), District 15
Frick, C. William (D), District 16
Frush, Barbara A. (D), District 21
Gaines, Tawanna P. (D), District 22
Gilchrist, James W. (D), District 17
Glenn, Cheryl D. (D), District 45
Griffith, Melony G. (D), District 25
Gutierrez, Ana Sol (D), District 18
Guzzone, Guy J. (D), District 13
Hammen, Peter A. (D), District 46
Harrison, Hattie N. (D), District 45
Haynes, Keith E. (D), District 44
Healey, Anne (D), District 22
Hecht, C. Sue (D), District 3A
Hixson, Sheila E. (D), District 20
Holmes, Marvin E., Jr. (D), District 23B
Howard, Carolyn J. B. (D), District 24
Hubbard, James W. (D), District 23A
Hucker, Tom (D), District 20
Ivey, Jolene (D), District 47
James, Mary-Dulany (D), District 34A
Jameson, Sally Y. (D), District 28
Jones, Adrienne A. (D), District 10
Kaiser, Anne R. (D), District 14
King, James J. (R), District 33A
Kirk, Ruth M. (D), District 44
Kramer, Benjamin F. (D), District 19
Krysiak, Carolyn J. (D), District 46
Kullen, Sue (D), District 27B
Lafferty, Stephen W. (D), District 42
Lee, Susan C. (D), District 16
Levi, Gerron S. (D), District 23A
Levy, Murray D. (D), District 28
Love, Mary Ann (D), District 32
Manno, Roger (D), District 19
McHale, Brian K. (D), District 46
McIntosh, Maggie (D), District 43
Mizeur, Heather R. (D), District 20
Montgomery, Karen S. (D), District 14
Morhaim, Dan K. (D), District 11
Murphy, Peter F. (D), District 28
Nathan-Pulliam, Shirley (D), District 10
Niemann, Doyle L. (D), District 47
Oaks, Nathaniel T. (D), District 41
Pena-Melnyk, Joseline A. (D), District 21
Pendergrass, Shane E. (D), District 13
Proctor, James E., Jr. (D), District 27A
Ramirez, Victor R. (D), District 47
Reznik, Kirill (D), District 39
Rice, Craig L. (D), District 15
Robinson, Barbara A. (D), District 40
Rosenberg, Samuel I. (D), District 41
Ross, Justin D. (D), District 22
Rudolph, David D. (D), District 34B
Schuh, Steven R. (R), District 31
Schuler, Todd L. (D), District 8
Simmons, Luiz R. S. (D), District 17
Stukes, Melvin L. (D), District 44
Tarrant, Shawn Z. (D), District 40
Taylor, Herman L., Jr. (D), District 14
Turner, Frank S. (D), District 13
Turner, Veronica L. (D), District 26
Valderrama, Kriselda (D), District 26
Vallario, Joseph F., Jr. (D), District 27A
Vaughn, Michael L. (D), District 24
Waldstreicher, Jeffrey D. (D), District 18
Walker, Jay (D), District 26