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It's Time To Work Together

Governor O’Malley and Senate President Miller;

There hasn’t been an up or down vote on death penalty repeal since 1978. You both now seem to agree that the death penalty system is irreparably broken and that it is time to allow the death penalty bill to come to the Senate floor. I wholeheartedly agree!

It is time to stop throwing away precious state resources at our ineffective the death penalty. Instead, we should use some of those valuable resources to take care of all Marylanders impacted by murder. Maryland would be the first state to repeal its death penalty and redirect some of the savings to survivors’ of homicide victims. This is groundbreaking legislation that we can all be proud of.

We elected you because we trusted your ability to lead, to govern and to create public policy that works for the people of Maryland. I urge you, as a concerned citizen, to work together to make a vote on repeal happen in 2013!