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Tell O'Malley Maryland Stands Ready

The Governor needs to hear your voices loud and clear about DEATH PENALTY REPEAL! Decisions are being made in Annapolis this week and your calls, your tweets, your emails and your signatures will make all the difference! Join MD CASE, and our partners, as we take our repeal 2013 message to social media to get his attention!  


Get involved in one or more of the following ways:  

  1.  Follow us on Twitter @md_case and re-tweet our messages from 12noon-1pm;
  2. If you aren't on Twitter, email the Governor and "urge him to support repeal," OR
  3. Call the Governor's Office at 410-974-3901 or 1-800-811-8336 and "urge him to support death penalty repeal"   AND ... 
  4. Sign the Petition.  


 If you are following us on Twitter, here are a few sample tweets you can use to start your Tweeting: 

  • Now is the time to take care of family members of murder victims! Repeal the #deathpenalty in MD. @GovernorOmalley #mdforward
  • 2009 changes to the MD #deathpenalty ignored race & geographic bias. There is no fixing a broken system. Time for #mdrepeal @GovernorOmalley
  • The #deathpenalty in MD is shockingly arbitrary, choosing cases based evidence not cruelty. MD is ready for repeal @GovernorOmalley
  • Repeal the #deathpenalty + redirect a portion of savings to families of murder victims = way past due @GovernorOmalley #mdrepeal
  • The #deathpenaltyin MD is costly, ciphering millions of state & local resources just to prosecute a few cases. @GovernorOmalley #mdrepeal 
  • We can't fix the #deathpenalty. Time 2 stop wasting time & $ trying. @GovernorOmalley #mdrepeal #MDforward
  • Maryland stands ready for #deathpenalty repeal @GovernorOmalley #mdrepeal