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2013 Postcards to the General Assembly

Help send a strong message: Bring death penalty repeal to a vote in 2013 and pass it!

Join with people throughout our state in sending a clear message to the General Assembly that Marylanders are ready to abandon our death penalty and the financial irresponsibility, social injustice, and legal inconsistency it perpetuates.

Download the postcard and copy on cardstock weight paper as required by the post office. OR order postcards FREE at or 301-779-5230. Just let us know how many and where to send.


Involving your community in the postcard program is easy! Simply have each repeal supporter write their name and return address in the left corner on the front of each postcard (one to Senator and three to Delegates*) and sign on all four signature lines on the back. Be sure they include their name and full address – street address, town and zip code – so the correct state legislative district can be identified. Each signer can also add a short personal message.

Experience tells us that most people do not readily know who represents them in the state legislature. Using a full address, state legislative districts can be looked up online at


MD CASE can make it even easier for you: just send back signed and return-addressed cards to MD CASE, 3800A 34th St, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712. We will look up each signer’s legislative district, add the names of the corresponding Senator and Delegates, and put the card in the mail. We will also capture the contact information of each signer so they can be mobilized again, particularly during the 2013 legislative session.


Please do ask signers to chip in for postage whenever possible or perhaps your group can make a donation towards postage. Postcard stamps are $.29 so each sheet of postcards costs $1.16 to mail.


State legislators need to hear from as many Marylanders as possible that 2013 is the year for the General Assembly to bring to a vote and pass repeal of Maryland’s inherently unjust and wasteful death penalty law.

Download postcard .pdf

*One Senator and three Delegates represent most state legislative districts. A handful of districts are subdivided, such as 27A and 27B. In such districts, there are only one or two delegates, depending on population.